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Sep 3, 2010 11:00pm EDT
northwest at 12 miles an hour with the humidity sitttng at 65%. so what was hurricane earl? it was a category hurricane at one point. now down to a tropical storm, so weakening significantly, moving over cooler water. that's not helping with the strengthening of earl, so we're ú%ing toosee thhs continue to weaken ovee the nnxt 12 hours or and eastt it will still be impacting %-though.of new engllnd, they have a lot of heavy rain -nd wind ahead offthem for tonight, but the winds right now with earl down to 69 miles per %-strength any more, and it will %-off to the north nd weere also watching what was tropical storm fiona, now a tropical depression out into the atlantic, and also another storm %-we are watching that because t could become a tropiccl storr once again, so that is one -ystem we'll be keeping an eye on. as far as the tropics are concerned, we're stayyng rather clear for this evening, not seeing a whole lot as far as potential for torms out there across the area. back heee at home, a cold fronn pushing through will ring us some windy conditions for
Sep 17, 2010 10:00pm EDT
of sunshine. all weekend long. -ith temperatures in the low 80s. and high pressure sitttng on toú of us. and we have a change coming in ourrforecast. and i will let you know about thattin a miiute. %-as you can see, hurricane igor is just churning off the coast we are seeing that now start to3 takeethe turn a bit mooe..3 so not impacting us. we are also watching a couple of otherrhurricanes here. julia, and then also now downgraded to a tropical storm karl. affecting mexico. so a couple of other stormm to watch for. none of them impacting our weather. but certainly something tookeepú an eye on..3 watch closer at igor. category 2. not a well defined eye.3 but still impressive on the satellite imagery here. so continue to watch that. but he track on igor is taking it to the north and nootheass. not onny the u.s. or us ining maryyanddbut land at all it looks like. winds right now at 109 miles per hour. moving to the northhest at 11 miles per hour.ú now back at home. we don'' have any tropical weather to worry about. high pressure is sitting on top cold front passed through yesterday eve
Sep 30, 2010 6:00am EDT
fire hyddant sitttng up on a slight hill on the siie f tte road back from the curve.ú so whatever you see there add a fire hydrant is. >>>reporter: cap pain boils, remember, if you are driving look for thinns ahead oo you. realize that watee could be very, very deep. reporting live in south balt i'm megan gilliland. foxx45 morning news. >>> let's take a look at conditions at annee rundel the shore of chesapeake.3 p>> patrice it'' coming -ownright now. the wind has kicked up within the last few minutes. the hore hasn't een affected too much. the water has been at consistent level since we have been here at 4:45. take a look at thh flag over ttere. you can see hoo the wind has beennwhipping here recennly, higher than others. this isslake drive. chesapeake bay and you take ahe llok at ake drive, more like a creek or a stream as the water you can fall ittdown where it goes. it starrs forming a bit of a lake, downnon the way, there's certainly flooding issues that will be happening here very shortly. right now we're sort of waiting it out and nobooy walling around yet and certainly sta
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)